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Terms in Linear Algebra

Some important terms related in Linear algebra

  • Nul matrix A matrix in which all elements are zero is called Null matrix.
  • Row matrix A matrix with 1 row and any no. of column is called Row matrix.
  • Column matrix A matrix with 1 column and any no.of row is called column matrix
  • Square matrix A matrix having equal no. of rows and columns is called Square matrix.
  • Unit matrix A Square matrix in which all diagonol elements are 1 and all non diagonal elements are 0 is called Unit matrix.
  • Diagonal Matrix A Square matrix in which all diagonal elements are non zero and non diagonal matrix are 0 is called Diagonal matrix.
  • Scalar matrix A diagonal matrix with all diagonal elements are a scalar is called Scalar matrix.
  • Symmetric Matrix A matrix which satisfy the relation ,,    aij = aji 
  • Skew-symmetric matrix A matrix which satisfy the relationship ,,aij = -aji
  • Triangular matrix A matrix whose elements below or above the leading diagonal are zero are called triangular matrix.
  • Transpose of a matrix A matrix obtained after exchanging the rows and columns of a matrix is called transpose of a matrix. It is donated as AT
  • Orthogonal matrix A matrix which satisfy this relationship,,,,, AT.A= 1
  • Conjugate Matrix A matrix obtained by the complex conjugate of a matrix A is called Conjugate matrix. 

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