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Questions based on Electronics and Communication Engineering

Questions of  E.C.E 1

  1. The operating frequency of GSM in India.
  2. CMRR of an Operational amplifier is?
  3. Normal AM Broadcasting is done by?
  4. In a lossless transmission line, the relationship between R,L,G, and C is?
  5. Laplace transform of coswt?
  6. Metal oxide varister is used for?
  7. Diode made by metal and semiconductor?
  8. What is Kernel?
  9. What are the problems in TCP protocols?
  10. Why we used polymorphism?
  11. Fork( ) is used for?
  12. RAID is used for?
  13. Z inverse stands for?
  14. Which junction is formed by Recrystallization?
  15. How many GEO-Synchronous satellites cover the whole Globe?
  16. Which antenna is used for TV broadcasting?
  17. Area under unit impulse signal is?
  18. What is De-Morgan Law?
  19. What is the mode of wave propagation in free space?
  20. In which type of amplifier current flows for less than half the cycle?

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