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Answers For E.C.E - 3

Answers of E.C.E - 3 Questions

1. Rhombic Antenna

2. Smaller the beam-width angle, higher the directivity.

3. There are more than one driven elements in a driven array.

4. The effective length of a antenna is always greater than it's physical length.

5. Earthmat is used to ensure: -
  • Provision of earth from the antenna
  • Improvement of radiation patteren
  • impossibility of good ground connection
6.  2.15 db

7. The induced voltage will experience 2 maxima and 2 null.

8. as a UHF receiving antenna.

9. 2

10. We use counterpoise to reduce: -
  • Rockiness of ground connection
  • Difficulty of a good ground connection
  • Provision of earth from antenna.
11.  Top loading can be done by increase effective height.

12. Input impedance of folded dipole antenna is 280 ohms.

13. Unipolar antenna is best for low frequency transmission.

14.An antenna behave as a resonant circuit, when it's length is a integral multiple of  ʎ/2

15. An half wave dipole produce Broadside pattern.

16. The range will increase by the factor of  21/2

17. 1/2r

18. Loop antenna is commonly used for direction finding.


19. A parabolic antenna is commonly used at 5000 MHz. 

20.  The radiation pattern of Parabolic antenna is highly directional.

Answer for E.C.E 3 Questions

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