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Questions Based on Electronics and Communication Engineering - 2

Questions of E.C.E 2

These Topics have appeared in EIL(Electronics India Limited) Exam, October 2011

  1. What is the use of pressure gauge?
  2. Where the phenomenon of Creeping occur?
  3. How to measure flux?
  4. Property of a ideal meter.
  5. Reason of Leakage current in transistor?
  6. The slope of D.C. load line depends upon?
  7. Which is the fastest A/D converter?
  8. Min. no. of flip flops needed to measure a BCD decade counter is?
  9. What are the Properties of negative logic system?
  10. Examples of universal gates.
  11. Properties of  a ideal current source.
  12. Example of circularly polarized antenna.
  13. Relationship between Directivity and Directive gain.
  14. Define Broadcast array and give examples of Broadcast antennas.
  15. Explain Lenz's law.
  16. Explain Faraday law.
  17. Unit of electric displacement current density.
  18. Electric field strength at a given point is?
  19. How we can generate PWM?
  20. Disadvantage of F.M over A.M.
  21. Use of de-amphasis circuit.
  22. Quantization noise in PCM can be reduced by?
  23. Millimeter wave has the range of?
  24. Where we use pre-amphasis circuit?
  25. Out of PCM, PAM, PPM and PWM, which one is highly immune to noise?

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