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Questions on electronics and communication engineering - 4

E.C.E 4

These questions depends upon the Topic 'Amplitude Modulation'

  1. Speech amplifiers are usually operated as?
  2. In a low level AM system, amplifiers following the modulated stage must be?
  3. Low level modulating AM transmitter shows which property?
  4. What happens when modulation index is more than 100% in AM?
  5. What is the core function of a modulator?
  6. Plot carrier transmission contains?
  7. Which kind of modulation amplifiers are used in AM transmitter?
  8. What is the main requirement for a long wave AM broadcast transmitter?
  9. In a low level AM transmitter, the amplifier following the modulated state must be.
  10. Modulation index lies between?
  11. The power rating of a radio transmitter is around?
  12. How we can determine the frequency of the piezoelectric effect?

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