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Questions on electronics and communication engineering 3

E.C.E. Questions -3

The following questions depends upon Antenna and it's application
  1. Give example of non-resonant antenna.
  2. What is the Relationship between Beamwidth angle and Directivity?
  3. Properties of a driven array.
  4. Relationship between effective length and physical length.
  5. Why we use a earthmat along with antenna?
  6. The power gain of half wave array with respect to a isotropic radiater is?
  7. When loop antenna is radiated through 360 degree, the induced voltage will experience?
  8. The discone antenna can be used as a ?
  9. The number of array in a simplest parasitic array is?
  10. Why we use a counterpoise with the antenna?
  11. Top loading of an antenna may be done by?
  12. The input impedance of a folded dipole antenna is nearly?
  13. Antenna normally preferred for low frequency transmission is?
  14. An antenna behave as resonance circuit when?
  15. What kind of pattern a half wave dipole Produced?
  16. If the height of transmitter and receiver antennas are doubled, what will happen to the range of TV broadcast ?
  17. How the electric field intensity of a Hertzian dipole at a remote point varies as?
  18. What is the common use of loop antenna?
  19. At what frequency a parabolic antenna is commonly used?
  20. What is the radiation pattern of a parabolic antenna?

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