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Engineering Interviews

Engineering Interviews are comparatively easy if we approach in a right way.In engineering interviews, we decide our questions not the interviewer.
Engineering is such a big subject that you can't master one domain.An interviewer will ask about your favorite subject or the project you have prepared during your course.Now it's up to you to answer smartly.
No need to go through all the books, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Just search about the company, you are going to have interview with.
  2. You will come to know the exact area of expertise of that company, you must expect the questions from the same field.
  3. Now a days, knowledge comes after your communication skills, be prepared from a very early age.
  4. Be properly dressed, need not to wear costly attires but be gentle in approach.
  5. Show some humor along with knowledge.
  6. Have a good knowledge about your Project work(that you have done before), you might find your whole interview based on that only.
  7. During your last or second last semester try to get some certification as it can help a lot.
  8. The actual thing is that you will learn every thing from start in the company,,, they just want to see if you can learn those things in future or not.

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