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Answers for E.C.E 4

Below are the answers for questions asked in E.C.E 4

  1. Speech amplifiers are mainly used as Class A amplifiers.
  2. In a low level AM system, amplifier following the modulated stage must be a Linear Device.
  3. Linearity
  4. If the modulation index is more than 100% then modulated carrier signal will periodically reduced to zero. This will not effect the working of transmitter but the receiver will produce a distorted output.
  5. Modulation is the process of converting one or more property of a high frequency Carrier wave according to the input signal. 
  6. -
  7. Class C
  8. -
  9. A linear amplifier
  10. 0 to 1
  11. 100 watts
  12. With the help of formula of capacitance of parallel plates i.e. 

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